Throwing Political Tantrums

#2. How Otiko Afisa Djaba slayed the vetting committee


Maybe the vetting committee might have thought Otiko Afisa Djaba would be awed by the panel and would shrink into herself. That she would follow the actions of the women preceding her and be demure and calm.

Ms. Djaba’s response? To hell with all that.

They also probably thought they would roll all over her.

That plan went very badly very quickly when they asked her to explain her statement which seemed to justify the claim by Kennedy Agyepong that the EC Chair Charlotte Osei won her position through sexual favours.

Ms. Djaba explained her stance and referred to a Ghanaweb article.

She was asked again on the same issue.

She referred to the same Ghanaweb article.

They referred her to a Citi fm transcript of her statement.

She explained herself again using the same argument, using the same Ghanaweb article.

They asked her what she would do to deter intemperate language from ministers.

She referred to stopping the use of words like ‘babies with sharp teeth.’

At that point Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa’s face was poker, but the glint in his eye was probably that of one who had seen the punch coming and should have just walked away.

She was asked to apologise for that statement and her immediate response was “But what did I say that was offensive?”

The minority leader in parliament asked her three times to apologise and retract a statement she made on the campaign trail against former president Mahama.

She dug in her heels and flat out refused. If the panel wanted a retraction that badly they  would have to slice her throat and remove it from her larynx.

They asked her about her half mohawk hairstyle and she explained it away with a off-hand remark about balding men who shave their heads.

They asked when last she spoke to her mother and she responded that it was during the election period. Which had nothing to do with anything but she responded.

When proceedings were done she offered to shake their hands but they collectively refused; Ablakwa probably said ‘God forbid!” under his breath and dug his hands under his buttocks.

Ms. Djaba then swayed out of the room with her head held high  like the Queen she was.

Next time you’ll spend your time asking questions relevant to the task at hand.



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