Throwing Political Tantrums

#4. Guess what? Discretion is STILL the better part of valour


It’s been five days since the appointment’s committee bribery scandal broke and my mind is still reeling with questions that I wish Mahama Ayariga would answer.

Dear Sir,

So you went on Radio Gold and alleged that Boakye Agyarko channeled Ghc3,000 to each member of the committee through the chairman and the  minority chief whip. And you didn’t have a shred of evidence. Just your word against the other alleged players. And you thought that would work? Seriously?

Let me dwell on the evidence bit a bit longer – not a picture? Not even a voice note? Not…any damn thing? In this day and age? Come onnnnn.

And now that the Chairman of the committee  has denied the claims…and Boakye Agyarko is two steps away from suing you……..and your own Minority Chief Whip Alhaji  Muntaka Mubarak  swore by Allah that he hadn’t gave you or any other member a dime – what’s your next step?

Oh yeah, you and two others (Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa and Alhaji Suhuyini) have signed a petition requesting the Speaker of parliament to initiate an enquiry into this issue. Mr. Ablakwa has come out to state that NPP members on the panel are also implicated. But he declined mentioning names? Mmmmmhmmm?

What are you afraid of?! You can’t just drop that tasty tit-bit then stroll away smirking.

And furthermore, now that you have thrown this cat among the pigeons (and the cat is toothless so all it’s currently doing is cuddling on the table), what happens to your political career? Now the theory circulating is that you are part of a faction that is hell-bent on destroying the presidential ambitions of Minority leader in parliament Haruna Iddrisu. (If that’s the case, good luck. You’re going to need it. They don’t call Haruna ‘The Chosen One’ in some circles for nothing.)

Now that ACEP and CHRAJ and the GII have all come out to say they support an investigation – how on earth do you provide the hard core evidence that money changed hands….and was then rejected…and came from Boakye Agyarko?

With all due respect Sir – before you went to Radio Gold to drop this bomb, did you think through how this will all pan out?

Cos from where I sit it’s starting to look like the end of this scandal works out very badly for your political career. But then again, this is Ghana and we excel at politics of equalization and other spheres of pettiness so, I could be wrong.  You could walk out of this smiling through the suspiciously smelling brown stuff dripping all over the place.

After all, it’s only been five days right?


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