Throwing Political Tantrums

#6.  Mismatched priorities?



Wait a minute.

Is President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo trying to tell me that:

In the country where children still attend school under trees,

In a country that has an outdoor defecation ranking second to South Sudan,

In a country where malaria is the leading killer of children under five,

In a country where trained nurses are still struggling to be posted and/or paid after their courses,

In a country where a report showed that over 3,000 women  died from pregnancy related causes in 2013,

In a country where diseases like cholera (or simply ‘poo in mouth’) can break out and result in the deaths of citizens,

In a country where the desperately dangerous mix of extreme poverty and greed has led many parents to sell their children,

And where, just last week, 6 children of the Breman Jamra KG Methodist School in the Central region died after their dilapidated classroom block fell on them,

This is the country that is hosting a 60th birthday bash in March that will cost Ghc20 million or $5 million.

It doesn’t matter that the money is not coming from the tax payers purse.

Mr. President, you need to come again.



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