Throwing Political Tantrums #12

Murder and mayhem in the Gateway to West Africa Or isn’t that how we’ve branded ourselves? God-fearing, hospitable, nice people…the Gateway to West Africa…all that jazz? People who waves white handkerchiefs and praise God on Sunday then beat up a soldier on Monday and we call ourselves ‘hospitable.” Tweekai. We should all bow our heads […]

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Random Thoughts #5

#Menaretrash and matters arising The day I read the story behind the #menaretrash hashtag, the shock and horror that filled me was difficult to articulate. So many thoughts ran through my mind and honestly I struggled to express the profound sadness I felt.   And the disquieting feeling that it could have so easily been […]

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Random Thoughts #4

Me and my ‘overrated feminism’ Feminism – a range of political movements, ideologies and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish and achieve political, economic, personal and social rights for women. Feminist – one who ascribes to feminism. It all started with a picture on Facebook. A good friend of mine and […]

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Random Thoughts #3

For the Mothers As mothers worldwide were honored and adored via physical embraces and social media over the weekend, a line from Trevor Noah’s autobiography ‘Born a Crime’ comes to mind. “I chose to have you.” These are the words of Trevor’s mum, Patience Mbuyi Noah who made the audacious yet well-thought out decision to […]

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Finding God in Strange Places #1

I found God today. There’s this one friend I have, to protect her privacy I’ll call her Kate. She’s tall, bold and sassy to a fault. She’s opinionated and is not afraid of boldly proclaiming her stance. She can be unreasonable when she’s passionate about something, but her logic is always flawless and her heart […]

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