Throwing Political Tantrums #9

#.9  “When people show you who they are….”

That’s the first bit of a famous, oft-quoted saying by the inimitable Maya Angelou. The end phrase? “Believe them.”

That’s how I feel about Otiko Djaba today.  I feel betrayed and upset. I believed in her, loved her go-get-’em attitude. I was warned that she could be abrasive and had a temper like a viper;  but I shrugged it off. “Meh. That’s all lies and falsehood and propaganda.” Turns out I should have been paying closer attention.

To be clear, I’ve always admired loud, ballsy women who are passionate enough and angry enough to get things done. From her half Mohawk and snide little jabs at Okudzeto Ablakwa, I knew I’d found another one. I was her fan from the sidelines; now I can’t believe she wasn’t left on the sidelines.

The bare bones of the issue – she went to organise a meeting of women in Tamale without informing the NPP regional chair who lost his cool and had his ‘boys’ storm the meeting ground. She struck back by accusing him of receiving bribes of goats and cattle. And it descended rapidly from there.

And then the man who allegedly received a four-wheel drive and cash from the Mahama brothers accuses Otiko Djaba of being involved in the killing of Mahama Adams.

As Bernard Avle said on the Citi CBS:  “As your President is out there making important connections with our West African neighbours, you people are here fighting. Clap for yourselves.”

Like seriously?

How …utterly childish.

This is a Gender, Children and Social Protection and the first time she released a statement on a pressing issue was concerning her spat with NPP Northern Region Chair, Bugri Naabu.

When the young woman in Kumasi was brutally beaten up on the allegation of stealing Ghc1000, she didn’t release a statement condemning it. She waited until a reporter questioned her about it before saying anything.

However, she did have the time to tell young teenage girls to dress modestly in order to prevent men from raping or defiling them.

Even writing the words make my skin crawl. She’s the Gender minister for goodness sake – we didn’t root for her to be a bloody rape apologist with a Mohawk and swag.

Jesus, do you want to take the wheel now? It’s only been three months but I  can’t deal with all this drama…

Now Madam Djaba has formally apologised to the President, the NPP and Ghanaians for her role in the spat. But she didn’t formally apologise to Bugri Naabu.

And the Northern Regional Chairman has decided to take the matter to court; but not without implying that the woman is a lesbian and is organising secret meetings to forment trouble within the NPP.

Jesus? Wheel?Please?



It’s a mess, a total crazy dishonourable mess that splatters everyone with mud and makes all right-thinking Ghanaians cringe.

Question : since there are two parties involved, why am I laying my disappointment on Otiko’s feet?


She’s supposed to be the BIGGER PERSON.

She’s to take the HIGH ROAD.

She’s to make an example of ice cold calm in the face of provocation.

She could have ended this drama calmly but she chose to go after him publicly.

And to be frank, after the scandalous allegations last year, Bugri Naabu has lost his fear of public disgrace. He’s been dragged through the mud already, there is nothing that makes him cringe anymore. A man like that is not one you slug it out with in public; that’s a man you deal with the utmost Machiavellian tactics.

It’s been four months of drama, allegations and public spats and I’m already tired of Madam Djaba. I can only hope she will get her act together and do the work she has been tasked to do. I don’t want to judge her and condemn her based on her utterances so far; I want to give her a second chance.

Truly I do.

But I’m scared if I do, she’ll burn it up in a cat fight  with  babies with sharp teeth or with anyone from the NPP who is bold/foolish enough to cross her path.




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