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#2. Dear Ghanaian men in love with or married to Ghanaian feminists,

Today you and I are going to have a conversation. We’re going to try and be civil about it; no shouting and screaming and emotional antics. (You are not allowed to sulk and mumble to yourself)

This is you and me. This is us.

black love

Firstly, just to be clear, when I say that I speak for Black feminists I mean I’m speaking for all women who believe in the equality of women and believe that women should not be discriminated against in every sphere of life – education, career, financial support, professional sports etc etc. I speak for the women who believe that they make up half of the sky. I speak for women who don’t identify as feminists for a variety of reasons but are strongly against any form of discrimination.

Yes, we’re all having this conversation.

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