Finding God in Strange Places #1

I found God today.

The Creation of Man by Michelangelo Sistine Chapel

There’s this one friend I have, to protect her privacy I’ll call her Kate. She’s tall, bold and sassy to a fault. She’s opinionated and is not afraid of boldly proclaiming her stance. She can be unreasonable when she’s passionate about something, but her logic is always flawless and her heart is always in the right place.

She’s also an atheist; which is defined as someone who doesn’t believe in God at all be it Christian, Muslim or animist.

So how does a woman who doesn’t believe in God help me a staunch Catholic find God everyday?

Her passion for everything anti-religious is impressive. And reading her pieces on Facebook, I can see her clear line of logic.

Which tends to prove that Christianity is quite illogical.

And this is where she stirs my faith – we often exchange ideas about faith issues and its implications on the 21st century Ghanaian and it’s often an exchange of mutual respect.

I am always awed by her passionate ant-religious stance, it encourages me to do my research when I post my argument. It encourages me to read below the surface. It encourages me to stretch my imagination, ask questions from the relevant resource people and have a deeper knowledge of the issue at hand.


My atheist friend and her radical post leads me to Christ every single day and I am grateful for it.

I found God today arguing about my faith, where did you find God?



6 thoughts on “Finding God in Strange Places #1

    1. I’m a practising Catholic and there are times when I feel like God is far from me and that practising my faith is a chore. So my atheist friend who scorns at my faith, irks my pride and makes me want to find out more so I can counter her arguments. By the time we’re done going back and forth, my faith is restored.
      ii. Does God need to be found? Yes; although I know He’s always with me, there are days when ‘I can’t see the forest for the trees’


    2. It’s easy to ‘misplace’ God in the daily busyness of life so me finding God is me re-connecting with God in quirky ways throughout my day.
      Does He need to be found? Not really, He’s always there; I on the other hand, tend to wander…..;)


  1. Thanks for sharing! I have a similar friendship, except he’s the Catholic and I’m the atheist. I don’t know if it is as mutually productive as yours is when it comes to faith but it has changed both of our views of our opposing groups, and it made us realize that we can all be friends.


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