Throwing Political Tantrums #11

Dear friends who supported a Trump presidency, I beg – how be market?

I’m not a political animal but the past five months have been a great lesson in American politics for me. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch; the past five months have been a season of rich comedy material and a ton incredulous moments of ‘Is this happening in America?’

After it was reported that jobs had increased slightly during President Trump’s first 100 days, I was impressed. I was also terrified (what if they voted him in for a second term?)

But I shouldn’t have been alarmed; the Donald showed himself strong.

donald trump

Earlier this year he showed his ingrained racism when he tried to force through a travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries. He was wise enough to leave out the countries that supply America with oil though.

He’s also showed his privilege by refusing to (as Trevor Noah puts it) acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice of white extremists but has only narrowed in on Muslim extremists.

Then there was the debacle over the secret nuclear codes discussion with the Japanese PM over cake (must have been some cake).

Then he subliminally insulted China by talking about potential trade with Taiwan.


Then he got into an angry spat with the Australian PM.

Then he refused to shake German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s hand.

trump refuses to shake merkel's hand

Then House Republican couldn’t force through their version of the health care act the first time around because the ultra-conservative and moderate Republicans couldn’t agree on the fine print.

His candidates for Education secretary, Supreme Court judge, Attorney General and Energy secretary  (and several others that escape me now) all have between them a shared sense of a lack of basic understanding of their role (except for the A-G who is well versed but was accused of being a blatant racist)

Public outbursts and racist attacks against people of colour and especially Muslims who are people of colour is spiking during his tenure with many citing him as the reason.

He promised his voters he would drain the swamp, but the reverse occurred.

He promised on the campaign trail to lock up ‘Crooked Hilary’ then granted her clemency when he was sworn in.

Did I mention he has so far spent almost every weekend  on the golf course? This from a man who criticized Obama for the vacations he took. Did I mention that the fact that his family lives at their Manhattan home whilst he’s at the White House is costing the American taxpayer millions?

He almost started a war with North Korea.

He sent troops to Syria and sent garbled mixed messages justifying his decision.


Did I mention that sites on the Whites House website concerning climate change have been mysteriously inaccessible for weeks now? Curious how that played out, because he was so against the idea of climate change and climate change protocols.

The Republicans tried again and finally forced their way in and passed their wretched facsimile of a national health care plan. (A health care plan were pregnancy is a pre-existing condition; is that one too a health care plan?)

And now the biggie – he fired FBI Boss James Comey. And then he warned him via twitter that he (Comey) was never to disclose any so-called taped conversations around the subject to the press.


Is this the kicker? Is this the straw that breaks Trump’s back?

Have I left anything out? I just feel like there’s something I’ve forgotten to mention……..

Oh yeah.


So, with all that being said, let me ask my President Trump supporting friends again – how be market?


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