Random Thoughts #12

‘Rasheeda’ + ‘Anita Erskine’ + ‘Boko haram feminists’ Just some of the terms that have been floating around ever since Rasheeda aka Rasheeda Black Beauty accidentally released her nude video. I haven’t watched that video but I have not been immune from the vitriol she has faced over it. My two cents on her video […]

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Finding God In Strange Places #3

“The Shack”   First of all let me just say kudos to whoever cast Octavia Spencer as God. Brilliant move……brilliant move. As a young Ghanaian woman who is a third generation baker, to see God portrayed as a black woman who loves to bake and dance in the kitchen with the Holy Spirit is something […]

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Throwing Political Tantrums #13

Of Whiners and Whinees Ghana’s Deputy Trade Minister Robert Ahomka Lindsay cannot understand why expat Ghanaians bitch and moan so much when they return to Ghana. He can’t stand the “Oh my gosh, it’s so hot” “Oh my gosh, the roads are terrible” “Oh my word, why don’t we have electricity?” “There’s no water running […]

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Random Thoughts #10

Feminism does not mean defending the bad decisions women make …….and other bubbles about feminism that need to be burst   Every time a powerful woman missteps this comment creeps out, “Well, it seems the feminists are doing a bad job.” Or “better not comment else the feminists will get you” or “Just wait, the […]

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Natural Hair Minute #1

Yaay! Wash day! Define freedom. Freedom for me is when I release my cornrows after keeping them for three weeks. That feeling when fresh air passes through each strand of hair; the thick curls that form from doing LOC consistently; the joy that comes from holding my hair out and examining my ends and deciding […]

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