Random Thoughts #13

Gay Marriage….and how to love your neighbour as yourself 😉

I’m a Ghanaian, living in Ghana and I love it. I have lived in a couple other countries and I still prefer to be Ghanaian living in Ghana than anything else in the world. But sometimes the way we behave and think makes me feel like I’m living in a banana republic and the monkeys are eating all the bloody fruit. And the fruit is laced with high grade marijuana.

I wasn’t going to talk about the gay marriage between the former School prefect of Achimota College and his Canadian partner; I really wasn’t. Beyond wishing them a happy marriage and praying for them, I didn’t see it as any big thing to write about.

Of course I was wrong; I had forgotten my geographic location. I’m a Ghanaian living in Ghana and I should have known that the gay wedding of a former Akora will garner more media attention than the fact that there are news reports of at least two police men who raped young women in Accra. And social media did not disappoint – there’s plenty of diatribe about it on my Facebook feed to annoy the shit out of me.

And since I can’t keep all that annoyance to myself, here, dear Reader, is your share.

If/ when my internet stops acting dodgy, this is what I’ll post:

Dear Steve and your husband,


Congrats on getting married and thank God you remained true to who you are. Thanks to your honesty, you’re happily married to a man and not to a woman, making her life and yours miserable because you can never have a fulfilling sex life with her and because you would inevitably cheat on her and make matters worse. And assuming you actually did have sex and she conceived, what a nightmare. Bringing a child into a loveless marriage is a form of child abuse we don’t like to talk about here because we like to pretend that it’s really not as bad as it sounds.

And thank God for your mother who stood by you and loved you and respected your decision to live your truth. How many more homosexuals would live honestly and sincerely and not wreck homes and marriages if they had mothers like her? Honestly, your mother deserves a sainthood.


And to all saying homosexuality is a disease and it’s a manifestation of sexual abuse or sexual disorder, let’s clear this up : the American Psychiatric Association expunged homosexuality as a mental disorder from the DSM-II 41 years ago. (DSM stands for  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and it offers a common language and standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders. Long and short – to psychiatrists and psychologists it’s the Bible) I understand that some leading psycho-analysts have some studies on that but that’s 20th century psychology. We’re in the 21st century and those studies have been disputed.

Secondly, although there are cases of boys turning to homosexuality after being sodomised, that is a smaller percentage than boys being born homosexual and knowing from an early age that they were different.

Thirdly, feeling sorry for homosexuals isn’t the solution because homosexuality isn’t a problem. It’s a sexual orientation. The problem is the hatred and antagonism against the homosexuals and the umbrella LGBQT community. Pity has solved nothing in this world; if you want to feel any emotion, feel empathy, feel compassion, try for understanding and humility  and for heavens sake – try for some KINDNESS. They aren’t monsters with pointy ears and scales, they are people. Men and women whose sexual orientation is different from yours doesn’t make them less than you or you better than them.

And to my Christian brothers and sisters running themselves hoarse shouting about abomination etc etc – the Bible is very clear about plucking out the log in your eye first before removing the speck from another’s; as well as fighting for your salvation with fear and trembling. How far with that brethren and sisthren in the Lord? Have you plucked out the log yet before looking for someone’s speck? Do you know where you’re going when you die? Have you made it right with God? Are you in right standing with the Almighty?

Mmmmhmmmmm. Don’t worry – I’ve got all day, I can wait.

And in the meantime, does anyone have some champagne to spare? I do love a glass of bubbly at weddings ❤



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