Random Thoughts #16

Midweek Reflections I’m thinking about everything that has happened on social media over the past 7 weeks or so. You know, when Pepper Dems Ministries came over and basically forced us all to put up or shut up when it comes to gender issues in Ghanaian society. I’ve learnt so many lessons from what has […]

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Footie Femme #1

 Reflections from Match week 8 A disclaimer: If by reading the title you’re expecting some intense, intellectual breakdown of the weekend’s matches, then log off now. These are the thoughts of an EPL fan who listens to the games on radio whilst cooking and cleaning and being an all-round domestic goddess. Now that that’s settled, […]

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Finding God In Strange Places #6

“Lord, what do You want me to do?” Over the weekend, Accra was hit by a terrifying gas explosion at the Atomic junction roundabout which is one of the busiest in the city. There’s a  boys senior high school, several churches, storey buildings, residences and stores in that densely populated area. So when the explosion […]

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Figuring Out Feminism

An introduction and a disclaimer Everybody’s feminism journey is different. Mine started as a quietly growing unease  that is growing into fully fledged rebellion at situations and scenarios that are unpalatable and in direct conflict with Ghana’s image of itself as a hospitable country that respects its citizens. Unless, of course, I’ve been wrong about […]

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Finding God In Strange Places #5

God of the dreaming time…… It is 4am and my eyes fly open suddenly in a manner reminiscent of my students days. Those days were great, long days and shorter nights trying to cram everything in and remain semi-conscious during class the following morning. Good times. But I’m not a student right now, now my […]

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Random Thoughts #15

All hail the #PepperDemMinistries! “I want you to pepper dem for me.” The words of a friend of mine who had just told me of her horrific experience of being raped at the hands of a youth pastor. For the first twenty minutes, our conversation had swung between the extremes of shock, anger, then stifling […]

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