Footie Femme #1

 Reflections from Match week 8

A disclaimer: If by reading the title you’re expecting some intense, intellectual breakdown of the weekend’s matches, then log off now. These are the thoughts of an EPL fan who listens to the games on radio whilst cooking and cleaning and being an all-round domestic goddess.

Now that that’s settled, let me proceed. 🙂

The big match this week was Liverpool-Manchester United and for goal whores it was a disappointment. King Luka didn’t score! Saha didn’t score! But De Gea was an absolute beast in goal and prevented a cracker of a shot. For Mourinho to go to Anfield and play a high defensive match was pure evil genius.


For Liverpool to not rip open Manchester United even though they had better ball possession and more shots on target tells me one thing – the Reds are going to get their asses handed to them at Old Trafford in a few weeks. I’m no football pundit but I watched that wily Portuguese man manoevere and lead a very young Manchester United team to a UEFA Europa Cup trophy AND a slot at UEFA by neatly pushing out Liverpool from its clean qualification. A man who can earn that slot without being 4 in the top  is the man to watch.


Tottenham –Bournemouth : was another cracker to all intents and purposes. I didn’t watch it live; but I did catch snippets on radio whilst peeling and slicing plantains. From what I gather, Tottenham played gutsy football to break their Wembley curse and beat Bournemouth by a lone goal. By the way,  Tottentam Hotspurs are my new favourite under dogs to win the EPL (after 10 years of heartbreak, I have left Arsenal. )


Manchester City- Stoke : ended with City cruising to a 7 goal victory over beleaguered befuddled Stoke. Some people are saying City will win it this year. Those people clearly have forgotten City’s ability to choke at the crucial stage of the competition. Like how they practically ensured the cup …then lost it to Chelsea in the dying embers of last season. When it comes to Manchester City , until they actually hold the trophy aloft, I won’t put money behind them.


Crystal Palace- Chelsea: was the shock game of the league. Crystal palace beat Chelsea by 2 goals to 1. I started my ‘Hug a Chelsea Fan’ campaign in their honour today. So far, none of them seem willingly to receive my hug. Hmm…strange 😉



Watford-Arsenal: Dear Arsenal, this game right here; this scoreline right here is why I can’t be your loyal side chick supporter anymore. As much as I love Manchester United, I always…ALWAYS kept a soft spot for you. I nurtured the dream you would eventually win the EPL trophy again. Now….I’m not so sure. To dominate the game then sit back and lose quietly? Duuude…….nu uh. Nu…uh.



Sunday’s matches: Southampton did a yeoman’s job keeping Newcastle from scoring any more goals and keeping the soreline at a respectable 2 goals a-piece. But I did want Newcastle to win. Come on…didn’t you want Alan Shearer’s former club to win all the three points? And oh joy! Someone clued the TalkSports commentator on how to pronounce Christian Atsu’s surname correctly. They’d been calling him Christian At-SU instead of Christian A-CHU; as if there aren’t Ghanaian journalists working at the BBC who could have corrected them if they had bothered to find out. But a fan tweeted in the correct pronunciation and they said it right for the rest of the game. Victory!


By the time the Brighton-Everton match rolled around I was lying on my bed and snacking on peanut butter sandwiches after doing the laundry and frying up Sunday lunch. It did sounded very exciting though; but I wanted Wazza and the boys to win. The man played for United for 13 years before moving back to his old team; as far as I’m concerned, he’s still my Roonaldo 😉



Well…Match day 9 is only a few days away and the cycle of cooking and cleaning and football commentary on Citi FM and BBC will start all over again 😉

Till the next big set of games……

Eat, sleep, dream football ❤



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