Finding God In Strange Places #9

My Lent Journey Day 4

There’s a popular song we like to sing in Ghana for the praise and worship part of service, “It’s not by might…it’s not by power, by My spirit says the Lord.”

One of my sister’s-in-law used to sing this verse to tease me when she sees the small mountain of food I heap onto my plate. I’ll be about to tuck in and then she’ll start ….”This mountain…shall be removed…” and her three equally mischievous children will chime in “This mountain shall be removed Jesus name!”

At that point, whatever plan I had of enjoying my meal quietly would end in all of us laughing loudly.

It’s curious how that memory has lingered with me today……my fourth day of Lent. It’s especially piqued because of today’s verse.



There’s a verse in the Bible that likens our faith to a filthy rag and there are many days when I am reminded of this. My only claim to salvation is the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.  The awful, gut-wrenching death on the cross is my key to salvation. His grace has set me free.

And if Jesus was able to live a full 33 years on this planet, knowing He would end his earthly life so painfully and yet living with purpose and joy…….then surely I can do it too.

This mountain shall be removed, this mountain shall be removed in Jesus name; this mounain shall be removed….by My spirit says the Lord.

The mountains and valleys and challenges of life are all  in God’s hands and His grace will see me through.


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