Finding God In Strange Places #10

Author’s note: I’m exactly a week behind in my daily blog concerning my Lent journey. This piece is for Day 5 which fell on the 19th of February 2018. Please forgive me and enjoy.

My Lent Journey Day 5


Lent is a peculiar season for Catholics – it’s a period of somber reflection, of tears and regret and a deep sense of gratitude for the huge sacrifice made on our behalf. It’s not for nothing that we value Easter so highly.

But Lent is also a period of wonder and restoration and startling joy. It reflects itself in the Bible verses we study, on hope and reconciliation.

Today’s verse from 2 Corinthians is a great example; it speaks  on renewal of ourselves from the inside out. It tells of a complete transformation from our old selves to our brand new selves; of people who are no longer tied to their pasts and can move forward into the light of the Lord.

It’s not an insignificant gift God has graced us with and the  more days I spend in contemplation the more I realise it.

To be given a clean be set free from the chains of the past… be considered as a NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST…..

It makes me pause.

It takes my breath away.


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