Finding God In Strange Places #13

Author’s note: I’m exactly a week behind in my daily blog concerning my Lent journey. This piece is for Day 8 which fell on the 22nd of February 2018. Please forgive me and enjoy

My Lent Journey day 8

“Dear heart your job is to pump blood. That’s it! So if you go and fall in love, that’s your business!” It’s an internet picture that always makes me grin when I think of it. It’s easy enough to tell your heart to stay out of love when there’s no object of affection — but when there’s someone making you all gooey and mushy inside? A whole other ball game.

Psalm 34

But love, in all its shapes sizes, can leave a person as easily as it arrived. And when that happens, the rejected heart cries out for comfort.

And when that happens, God hears. Ghanaians love appellations and one of terms used to describe God is the One the God Who sees me.

It seems a bit peculiar that the God Who created the universe and Who watches over everything…is the same God Who cares enough about us when our hearts are broken and (we feel) our worlds are falling apart.

But He sees.

And He is there.

In the warm hug from a family member or friend….or in the kind smile from a stranger in the taxi….or the patiently listening ear of the manicurist filing your nails as you pour out your sorrow.

He is there in the gentle breeze and the sudden downpour that gifts you a rainbow.

He is there…patiently healing our internal brokenness and giving us courage to take pride in our scars and try again.

He is there…..

But then again, He didn’t leave in the first place.





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