Finding God In Strange Places #14

Author’s note: I’m exactly a week behind in my daily blog concerning my Lent journey. This piece is for Day 9 which fell on the 23rd  of February 2018. Please forgive me and enjoy

My Lent Journey Day 9

As a woman who has attended Christian schools all her life, this is a verse I can recite in my sleep. Especially verse 33 : “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all its righteousness and all other things shall be added onto you.”

Matt 6

And then verse 34 which I read is a favourite of one of my favourite crime writers Mary Higgins Clark : “Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.”

Seek first God’s kingdom and its righteousness and all other things shall come….

Do not worry about tomorrow……

Sufficient onto the day is the evil therefore.

Hmmm………you know how you can read one thing 10 times then on the 11th time the full import strikes you? That’s what’s happening now.

Seeking God’s kingdom and its righteousness is a steep undertaking – do you know how much needs to be given up and replaced? Everything from reading material to eating habits to time management. This is not an easy feat……but thank God for grace. I ain’t where I want to but I ain’t where I used to be either….progress is slowly and surely being made.

Do not worry………this is a difficult one for me. I worry about everything…and not the calm let-me-see-if-there’s-a-solution-worrying. No sir. I worry myself into stress/pressure headaches that build up from the sides of my temple and snake across my brain like trapeze ropes for circus clowns. Long and short…..I worry a lot. But I’m slowly learning to praise God with song through ever challenge and praise Him in advance in situation. The incidence of the stress/pressure/tension headaches has reduced and everyday, in spite of what anybody tells me, I make sure I keep my perspective.

Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof… a one-time aspiring workaholic, this was a phrase that meant next to nothing to me. I mean it’s witty, its thought-provoking and it sticks…but that’s it. It’s not something I was prepared to emulate. Until I almost lost my life because of lack of a balanced diet. Now I understand that a balanced diet isn’t merely the meal…its includes a weekly gym session. changing your meal plan, drinking enough water and adequate time to rest. Leave the office work behind in the office….shut down the whirring brain and just…REST.

And the reason why there is such emphasis on rest  during Lent is because we need more time to listen for (and hear) the still, small voice of calm and in that moment, surrender everything and reconcile with God.

Give up the noise….and breathe in God’s love, forgiveness, grace and peace of mind.

Shalom !





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