Finding God In Strange Places #19

My Lent Journey Day 15

Weeping over a broken heart is not a new phenomenon for me. I’m the type of woman who ignores the warning signs and caution from family and friends and falls head over heels in love with my partners. Which is why when they leave, it creates a gaping hole that takes years to repair and even then……there’s always the scar and the residual phantom pain that strikes me every once in a while.



It’s been years since I’ve experienced the shattering feeling of a broken heart but I’ve wept over other things – missed job opportunities, misunderstandings with loved ones, fights with people I respect.

But this verse…….joy comes in the morning…would give me strength to get out of bed in the mornings. It would comfort me when the ache would spin me in a cocoon of sorrow. It would console me when the hours would crawl slowly and my mind would whir with irrational thoughts.

And then that day comes. You know the day I’m talking about; when you stop crying and regretting and start smiling genuinely. When you truly forgive and forget and choose to live happily.

When you let go and let God.

That day is the morning this psalm talks about.

And whether that day is sunny or lashing with rain…’s the joy that comes in the morning.


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