Random Thoughts #23

Jayjay’s Handy Guide to Deciphering Whether He’s Husband Material Or Not Ladies, let’s face it – the men are there pleeenty. They rise from the ground like dust on a hot day. They pour on us like the rain that floods Accra after 20 minutes. They can even stroll towards you when you’re minding your […]

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Random Thoughts #22

Death is a curious thing. There is the day you die and then the day you are buried. So whilst one has one birthday, one has two death days. Which is simply two days for the ones left behind to celebrate a life well lived. As I do now. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dear Daddy, It’s been three […]

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Random Thoughts

#21. “Her Rage Was Beautiful” When Pepper Dem Ministries first started almost a year ago and I jumped in wholeheartedly, a few close friends ( all women) and I had a chat about it. “So you, this Pepper Dem thing, are you sure about this thing?” “Very sure.” “But why do you always sound so […]

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