Random Thoughts #24

Dear Afreh,

You know, when you put up a post linking Dr. Donkor’s use of ‘tribalist’ to her gender activism, I first thought it was your usual mischief of baiting Pepper Dem Ministries members. But an alarm bell went off.

And it tingled for almost 12 hours before my sub-conscience connected the dots.

Do you remember this post from 21st December 2017 when you accused a man of being part of a group of four who assaulted you as you covered the KKD case? At that time, it can be inferred that you couldn’t conclusively state that it was party foot soldiers threatening you, but you suspected it. Otherwise, why allude to the attacks on TV3 and GhanaWeb journalists ? (which were the work of party foot soldiers?)


And then your subsequent post on 22nd December 2017 when you revealed the threats you were facing from a certain Nana Yaw Manteaw and a group calling themselves SNIPER FORCE? From the posts, they didn’t look like they wanted to have a nice sit-down discussion with you and thrash out issues.


And let’s not forget that on 1st February 2018, one Hajia Boya sent you a message threatening to murder you over your persistent scrutiny of Sanitation Minister Kofi Adda.


But the one I remember is the SNIPER FORCE/Nana Yaw Manteaw case. I remember the posts you made and how they were shared and tagged and we all came together to rally around you.

I remember that post clearly because it was the first time it occurred to me that I could lose a friend simply because he stood by what he believed in.

And you know who else shared that post? Efua Sintim. You remember her right? She’s one of those PDM members you revile so deeply.

And you know why she shared that post? Because she…..as do many other feminists….believe that a strong, vibrant press with journalists working without fear or threat of bodily harm is a benefits every Ghanaian.

And irony of ironies! On any given day on your personal Facebook page, you are engaged in heated debates with party foot soldiers who clearly have a sado-masochistic relationship with you because, despite the fact that you never fail to glibly insult their intelligence, they can’t seem to get enough of you.  As the following posts will show:





Here’s my issue with you – even if you won’t publicly support a woman who chooses not to engage because she finds them “tribalist “ and not “tribalistic” (contrary to popular belief, these two terms are not one and the same)……..must you join the bandwagon and endorse the cyber bullying tactics of the foot soldiers?

You…who was threatened with death for seeking justice from an assailant?

You…..who was threatened with death for speaking about the inefficiency of a minister?

Et tu Brutus?

Whenever I’m asked about why I’ve remained friends with you and many others when we clearly have differing views on gender advocacy, I always say something along these lines : we may have personal disagreements on issues, but we know how to put our personalities aside and deal with the crux of the matter.

Note – I always say WE.

WE put our differences aside.

WE work with principles.

WE stand by our principles.

But judging from your post, I fear I have been sadly mistaken about you. When push comes to shove, you will gladly push your previous experiences and your principles aside……to score a cheap point.

And from no other set of people, than those who not quite five months ago threatened to kill you for doing your job.


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