Suspended ornament: Why NPP is not serious about involving women in governance

Citi FM’S Nana Ama Agyemang Asante writes a powerful, succinct piece on the hypocrisy surrounding politics in Ghana.

Had it been someone else at the presidency who made the comment Louise Carol Donkor made about foot-soldiers, I doubt we would have such seen such visceral outrage. In fact, if a man had said the same thing, the people who took offence at her comment might have laughed or looked away. If a less visible, non-threatening woman had said the same thing, no trolling.  No one would have been so triggered to campaign for her to be fired and her suspension, unlikely as that would have been, wouldn’t have evoked so much joy among so many. But Louise Carol Donkor isn’t just anybody; she is a woman, a known feminist who spent the past year challenging sexist and traditional norms on social media. Together with PepperDem, the group she co-founded, they have made it uncool to be sexist online. And like all feminists online, they have made powerful enemies…

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