Gratitude Diaries #9

My favourite meals are breakfast and brunch so half-day fasting has never been my favourite spiritual exercise. However, after 40 days of a coffee fast during Lent earlier this year and now the 60 days HMI prayer and fasting festival, I’m getting used to missing my cereals, sandwiches and waakye. (early morning waakye is bae)

It’s good to deprive yourself of something you love in order to obtain something you never had – and one of the things we are encouraged to pray for is for women from all over the world to come to HMI’s God’s City.

I’ve become quite jaded towards Christian ministries and their mandates, some of them behave in a very self-serving manner. But HMI’s mission “to be a safe haven for women” is one that tugs at my heart and encourages me to exercise the Scripture verse that says “faith without works is nothing.”

And in this world, where so many women are trapped in dangerous, abusive circumstances due to their socio-economic status, joining HMI and being a member means I endorse and work towards helping other women to join the fellowship and find a safe haven.

Our prayer point today is from Micah 4:1

Micah 4

God is everywhere and within each of us.

Being in the presence of fellow worshippers should be the safest, most accepting and most uplifting place to be.

In many sad instances, there are people who suffer great trauma in the house of God at the hands of people of God and when that happens, it is a terrible thing to all parties concerned.

The lesson for me is to be the catalyst for God’s goodness, ambassadors of His grace and a source of  His love. Let people see our God through who we are.

And when they see how we’ve made our lives living examples of God’s perfect will, we will find that the people we pray for will seek the face of God on their volition.



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