Gratitude Diaries #59

It’s the penultimate day of the HMI 60-day HMI prayer and fasting festival and I’ve spent the better part of the day stressed out juggling a work deadline and personal projects. Plus, its also period day 5 and the cramps have been vicious and crippling and I’ve spent the day biting my lip to prevent […]

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Gratitude Diaries #36

Psalm 91: 1 – 16 This is a psalm my mind recalls in snippets when I feel upset or depressed or afraid or out of control. This is a psalm that I am still unable to memorise fully but which I still draw great comfort and inspiration from. On day 36 we were entreated to […]

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Gratitude Diaries #58

“The power of the Lord came on Elijah and, tucking his cloak into his belt, he ran ahead of Ahab all the way to Jezreel.” – 1st Kings 18:46 Today’s Google’s 20th anniversary and I’m celebrating by Googling how quickly horses pulling a chariot can go. Turns out its between 35-40 mph or roughly between 56 – 64 km/h. […]

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Gratitude Diaries #39

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!! Sing praises to the King!! Praise Him in the morning! Praise Him in the afternoon! Praise Him in the evening! It’s a celebration of praise people….a celebration of praise!!! And I’ve been doing mini praise shuffles in my chair every time I read the SMS I received from HMI: “Thank […]

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Gratitude Diaries #57

Two things are difficult – starting a task and then finishing the task excellently. Cos anyone can start any old thing and do it half-heartedly, but to finish it well? That’s a whole other ball game. Confession time – I love starting new projects. It gives me a buzz like nothing on earth. My problem […]

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Gratitude Diaries #55

One thing I am learning and beginning to believe in so much is this: the words we speak are so powerful and I have to be more careful about how I speak about myself and how I speak about situations I find myself in. Before this sixty-day prayer and fasting festival, my go-to emotion in […]

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Gratitude Diaries #56

This was the SMS I received this morning from HMI : Thank God for Day 56! As we end on Saturday, what is your expectation? What impartation do you desire? Speak to God. Your expectations will not be cut off. Day 56! It sounds like the name of a cool acoustic rock band and it […]

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