Throwing Political Tantrums

I swear politicians are constantly tickling themselves and laughing.

See here’s the thing :

During the election campaign season they do every possible thing to pander to the public, get attention and garner votes – they promise to resolve socio-economic challenges by providing hospitals and tarred roads; as well as turning banku and braiding hair and embarking on numerous clean up campaigns.

They make these promises knowing full well that provision of social amenities isn’t part of their mandate – they are elected to legislate on behalf of their constituents – and social amenities like  feeder roads, hospitals, water and sanitation are the principle responsibility of the municipal and district assemblies.

But MPs understand that projects keep them in the public eye so they shamelessly pander and promise what they have no business promising.

This plan worked near perfectly until academics from the University of Ghana, Legon burst their collective bubble. Recently, the researchers conducted a study asking citizens to rate the performance of their MPs and the numbers indicated that constituents were less than impressed. One of their main reasons was that they (the MPs) didn’t fulfill their campaign promises of fixing roads and improving provision of social amenities.

When asked to respond to these findings, the MPs were flabbergasted and retorted: “but that is not our job.”





And now with approximately 18 months until Election 2020, the MPs and aspiring MPs are subtly sliding out, conducting clean up campaigns, and laying out their achievements and future ambitions a la Vincent Sowah Odotei, MP for La-Dadekotopon:

A cursory glance at this image shows that each major promise are items that should ideally be the focus of the municipal assembly; and as for the pledge of free DSTV decoders AND TVs……the least said the better.

From all indications, Election 2020 is going to be a battle of wills between a voting public that is increasingly hip to the wiles of politicians…and politicians determined to up the ante and win their seats using every arsenal in their charm offensive.

Personally, I’m stocking up on the snacks and wine to keep refreshed as I witness how events will unfold; I suspect next year’s elections will be a doozy and I want to be sure I’m wide awake and alert for all the drama.

Let the games begin!

One thought on “Throwing Political Tantrums

  1. Interesting piece. Politics has its established routines and rituals. Interestingly the voters and the politicians participate in these rituals knowing full well what is possible and what is no possible. The reaction to the UG Dept of Political Science was so strong that I never imagined any incumbent or aspiring MP will campaign on anything but helping to pass legislative and provide the best form of oversight of the executive arm of government.

    Thanks for sharing. and by the way, go easy on the wine – you may fall asleep before it all unfolds in 2020.


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