Random Thoughts #43

It Broke My Heart….And Steeled My Resolve

As part of a personal decision I made to expand my horizons, I enrolled in an institution and do a short, five-week course in project management before going further to write the international Project Management Professional certification exam.

It was the most interesting/challenging/intellectually grueling five weeks of my life. Every Saturday morning I would stroll in eager and hours later, I’d leave the class drained yet thrilled with the exposure to new knowledge.

My lecturer was a hugely qualified professor – several degrees in mathematics, engineering and business administration. His many years of experience also made him locally and globally sought after; and he has worked with many institutions in Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia. He’s also married with children in their 40s.


Our class was small, four gentlemen and three ladies from various backgrounds. One of the ladies worked in the real estate sector. I thought I recognized her from my Joy News days and after I realized I’d mixed her up with someone else, we struck up an easy conversation and I noticed a picture of an adorable little baby as her phone’s lock screen. “That’s my son,” she said with that softly adoring voice of all young mothers.

And I awwww’d.


Three weeks into the class, our professor informs the class that one of our members will be dropping out; that the combination of the classes, her work schedule and caring for her baby is proving difficult for her.

I don’t have the words to describe the sadness I felt hearing that news.


On our last day, the class was more relaxed and I spent a bit more time chatting with other classmates. (Normally we banter a bit during sessions, then speed off to our various destinations afterwards)

I noticed the phone lock screen of one of the male students and it was a picture of him and a gorgeous little baby.

“Your son?” I asked

“Yeah,” he responded, smiling happily.

“First or second?”


Then I remembered my real estate friend, and my smile dimmed.


In a perfect world, the way fathers of young children have a support structure available when they want to pursue educational laurels should be the same thing mothers of young children should enjoy.

This should be the norm and not the exception.

And this is the norm, feminists and gender advocates fight for.

Even the playing field; leave no woman behind.

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