Throwing Political Tantrums

#1. Dear world, welcome to the ‘Bigly’ league


It’s been called illegal, immoral and against international convention.

It’s been called a travesty and abuse of law.

But US President Donald Trump says everything is going nicely.

In his first week as President, Mr. Trump has managed to exceed the expectations of political pundits. Yes, his bid to browbeat Mexico into paying for the border wall fell flat; but his executive order to ban green card bearing immigrants from entering the United States as well as refuse entry to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees has sparked global condemnation. In his first week of office, Mr. Trump is subjecting a nation founded on immigrants to a law that restricts the entry of immigrants. America has survived for over 4 centuries through the ingenuity of the many foreigners who travel there to pursue ‘the American dream.’

But on the geopolitical chess board, America is the piece that initiates a killer move or shuts the whole game down.

There are fears that this executive order will result in a rush of anti-American sentiment in the Arab world. Although the ban does not extend to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, there are many ISIS/ISIL sympathizers who have a presence there. And there’s no way to prevent the moderate Muslim nations from supporting whatever cause they deem fit.

If this is Trump’s convoluted way to drag America back into an ideological war with the Arab world, he is about to get the rudest shock of his life. Yes, impending war means the military needs more strengthening which results in increased military spending and ergo more money for the politicians who  derive a large percentage of their upkeep from war weapons.

But their enemies are not going to roll over and surrender – from the get-go, ISIS and ISIL played by guerrilla rules and it was difficult to get a handle. Terror organisations like theirs needs a person to hate, a warped idea to twist and a philosophy to corrupt. They do not play fair or openly.

During WWII, Jewish refugees were refused entrance to the United States on grounds that they could have spies infiltrated which could harm America’s war campaign. That was 71 years ago. For the most part, Israel has forgiven this blunder and has forged an alliance with America that has served both sides well over the years.

Will the Muslim majority nations and Syrian refugees discriminated against be as charitable in future? Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif thinks not: “US President Donald Trump’s decision to ban arrivals from seven Muslim-majority countries was a great gift to extremists……collective discrimination aids terrorist recruitment by deepening faultlines exploited by extremist demagogues to swell their ranks.”

Can Mr. Trump rescind his decision? Unlikely. Will it be hit with a slew of lawsuits? The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has already started that process. How much damage will this do to America’s fragile relationships with the Arab world? The answer to that question will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Has it really been a week since Mr. Trump took office?


Week one down…207 weeks to go.