The AfCFTA Diaries #7

Climate Change and Africa’s Dream to Industrialise Earlier this year African leaders assembled on two different occasions to discuss and develop measures to make the continent more climate-resilient. The first session was in Addis Ababa and the second was the UN Climate Action Summit in September. Ironically, although Africa contributes less than six per cent […]

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The AfCFTA Diaries #6

Why Are Africa’s Leaders Silent When We Need To Hear From them? I don’t know why it was common to call Africa “the Dark Continent”; if the colonisers wanted to be more accurate they should have called it “The Continent That Never Sleeps.” Fully living up to its reputation as the continent with the youngest […]

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The AfCFTA Diaries #5

What To Do When Nigeria Doesn’t Want To Play Ball Let’s face it – the creation and establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area is the dream of our Pan-African forefathers who understood that, as a continent, Africa stands stronger when it stands together. And it was with an almost palpable sigh of relief […]

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The AfCFTA Diaries

#4. Are We Sure We’re Ready? Ghanaians aren’t strangers to trade policies and agreements that promise economic breakthroughs. We’re also very used to being touted as “the beacon of democracy” and a warm, friendly tourist destination. Our credentials as the first country to earn independence in Sub-Saharan Africa is one we have used to build […]

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The AfCFTA Diaries #3

Ghana, ECOWAS and Lessons for AfCFTA In the previous article, I touched briefly on the extensive sensitization that must be done in order for AfCFTA to be implemented successfully in Ghana. Fortunately for us, we have been a member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) since its inception in 1975 and there […]

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The AfCFTA Diaries #2

AfCFTA And The Trade Blocs I’d never forget ironing my shirt with half of my attention on the BBC news highlights (I’m pretty sure it was in between the live Premier League coverage and I’m fairly certain Manchester United was losing – hence my disgruntled interest) and my mind wandering in other directions. Until, buried […]

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The AfCFTA Diaries #1

It’s been a helluva news week on the African continent. The horrific rape and murder of two young South African women, the wave of violence against Black nationals from Black South Africans and the usual hullabaloo of internal wrangling of Ghanaian politics and it’s not quite Friday yet. Can it be Friday already? I’m about […]

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