Random Thoughts #37

The #MeToo train is rolling into town – and the average Ghanaian journalist is ill-equipped to report on it effectively. This post is not as random as I would like it to be; it’s a genuine concern that’s been beating a tune in my brain. It bothers me that many media houses take pains to […]

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Random Thoughts #35

If there was anything happy about the turn of events, I would call the way I stumbled onto the nefarious dealings of the Co-founder and Director of Chale Wote, Mantse Aryequaye, as serendipity or “a happy accident.” After watching management of Accra’s – and arguably one of Africa’s – most popular arts festivals attempt to […]

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Random Thoughts #32

Ghanaians have a notoriously low respect and or understanding of personal boundaries. We want to hug everyone, hold everyone, put our hands over everything. It’s the Ghanaian way. It’s deemed as a sign of our friendliness and hospitality but it’s also bred a spirit of entitlement over people’s bodies. Especially women’s bodies. Too many Ghanaian […]

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