Random Thoughts

#1. 35 years and counting………….

How can one team break my heart six times in a row and at the same stage of the same competition?

In 2008 when Cameroon beat Ghana at the semifinal stage by a lone goal, I was heartbroken. It was the first time a football match made me lose my appetite and gave me nightmares (and mind you I had watched the World Cup 2006 match between Ghana and Uruguay, and I remembered Luis Suarez and that awful missed penalty and somehow survived).

But AFCON 2008 broke me down in a way I couldn’t (and still can’t) explain and from that point I stopped putting my heart soul, lungs and liver into football matches. This, by the way, is how I’m surviving watching Glory Glory Manchester United straddle sixth position in the EPL without completely losing my mind.

These days my strategy is to read a book whilst using the live telecast as background music; and I only raise my head to watch replays or when the commentary gets very excited.

And speaking of which, why the hell can’t the commentators pronounce the names properly?  Its nearly almost the same squad that plays all the time, would it kill them to ask and get the pronunciation right and stop this Asa-mo-wah Gee-yan business?

But that’s beside the point. The Black Stars met the Indomitable Lions again today and (from what I watched)  in the first 15 or so minutes they were completely outplayed. Then they pulled their game together and gave the Lions a run for their money.

And then they had some amazing chances they couldn’t/didn’t capitalize on.

And then the Lions scored twice – the first one was a mix up in communication between goalie and defenders; the second was Razak Braimah acting the fool and getting caught acting the fool.

I can’t wait til his next diss video comes out and what he would say this time around. Naniama.

The Black Stars have blown another chance to end the 35 year trophy drought and now Egypt has run away with the trophy tally; if all goes well, our in-laws will raise the cup for the 8th time.

Every time they go for these tourneys the Black Stars promise to do their best and win the cup. That’s all we want, to win the trophy in our lifetime.  To have bragging rights to the AFCON trophy in the 21st century. All we wanted was win…….one trophy, just this one trophy. And this one too we have to wait for another 2 years before the football mathematics and bonuses drama begins.

Earlier I said I don’t watch football with all my emotions anymore but still………this hurts.

This loss hurts.


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