Random Thoughts #30

Why I’m Not Going To Stop “Touching Your Anointed” Last month was #SuicidePreventionMonth. A month dedicated to informing people of what to do when people suffer from mental illness and feel like suicide is their only solution. And this month……this post. Here’s my problem :  – I know Bishop Heward-Mills is a trained medical doctor. – […]

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Random Thoughts #29

The Great National Cathedral Debate There is an Akan saying that can be translated as such: We do what is necessary before we do that which is nice. Personally, I think the government’s enthusiastic campaign to raise funds for the National Cathedral is one of those incidences where we are doing the inverse of this […]

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Random Thoughts #26

Brighten The Corner Where You Are See, this is the thing with life. For every bright and sparkling moment, there are several more incidences of bleakness and rainstorms. Or in the case of Accra right now…for every sunny day are several overcast/windy days that don’t seem to be doing anything other than confusing the hell […]

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