Throwing Political Tantrums #33

2020 : The Year of Roads Indeed       An intriguing sight greeted me as I strolled to the main road leading out of my neighbourhood today – the stretch of road leading up to the LEKMA hospital and leading a good portion of the way down the Agblezaa-Manet road was glistening with tar. Traffic was also […]

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Random Thoughts #29

The Great National Cathedral Debate There is an Akan saying that can be translated as such: We do what is necessary before we do that which is nice. Personally, I think the government’s enthusiastic campaign to raise funds for the National Cathedral is one of those incidences where we are doing the inverse of this […]

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Throwing Political Tantrums #9

#.9  “When people show you who they are….” That’s the first bit of a famous, oft-quoted saying by the inimitable Maya Angelou. The end phrase? “Believe them.” That’s how I feel about Otiko Djaba today.  I feel betrayed and upset. I believed in her, loved her go-get-’em attitude. I was warned that she could be abrasive […]

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