Throwing Political Tantrums #33

2020 : The Year of Roads Indeed       An intriguing sight greeted me as I strolled to the main road leading out of my neighbourhood today – the stretch of road leading up to the LEKMA hospital and leading a good portion of the way down the Agblezaa-Manet road was glistening with tar. Traffic was also […]

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The AfCFTA Diaries #7

Climate Change and Africa’s Dream to Industrialise Earlier this year African leaders assembled on two different occasions to discuss and develop measures to make the continent more climate-resilient. The first session was in Addis Ababa and the second was the UN Climate Action Summit in September. Ironically, although Africa contributes less than six per cent […]

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Random Thoughts #41

Happy International Men’s Day and………….. Happy World Toilet Day 😁 Dear President #NotAllMen International (Ghana chapter), I trust you are doing well? The brightness of this day has led me to write this brief missive to you. Honestly, you and your executives have really disappointed me. Today is International Men’s Day and you’re not making […]

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Random Thoughts #40

Top Ten Unexpected Blessings of Being Un – ooops! SELF-Employed Time to catch up on my reading Time to write in relative peace and quiet Time to drink coffee and watch the sun rise as I plan my day Mastering the art of managing my time effectively (just because I’m self-employed doesn’t mean I don’t […]

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Random Thoughts #39

Ghanaian Christians and Their Rabid, Dangerous, Hypocritical Homophobia Author’s note: I focus on Christians because I fall into this group and I’m more familiar with the mindset and behavior. This is not to excuse the behavior of others from different religious faiths. A friend of mine shared her experience on Facebook on how she saved […]

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The AfCFTA Diaries #6

Why Are Africa’s Leaders Silent When We Need To Hear From them? I don’t know why it was common to call Africa “the Dark Continent”; if the colonisers wanted to be more accurate they should have called it “The Continent That Never Sleeps.” Fully living up to its reputation as the continent with the youngest […]

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Random Thoughts #38

Happy 15th birthday Citi FM 😍 It’s been 15 years since Citi FM started broadcasting and man….. what a trip it has been. Listening to Managing Director, Samuel Attah-Mensah describe the challenges and triumphs of the early years left me with a sense of awe and a renewed strength to pursue my impossibly huge dreams […]

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