2020 Lenten Chronicles

Ash Wednesday Reflections Watering can in hand, I stroll casually to do my favourite early morning activity – watering the flowers. On the way, I see this little flower gracefully, stubbornly and defiantly growing through a crack in the driveway and I ask myself: if this little guy could talk, what would it say? Little […]

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Random Thoughts #43

Teach the pupils and students about sex in a comprehensive manner so that they will discuss sex and sexuality in an open, informative environment – you said no.

Now seven teenage girls have been suspended and expelled from the boarding house after being caught talking about sex using cellphones.

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Random Thoughts #42

What a hellish week last week was. Simply a nightmare. I’m  a trained broadcast journalist and a woman from a family full of nurses so the murder of Ruth Eshun and the escalating vitriol and violent threats Gayle King faced was a double whammy. Mrs. Eshun was raped and murdered in Ayoum in the Bosomtwi […]

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Out & About

#1. A First Taste of Tamale As part of my personal resolution to Say Yes To New Adventures, I vowed to travel more around Ghana and expand my horizons. And God heard my prayer and decided that January would be a good way to kick start things with a trip to the capital of the […]

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